40% phoxim emulsion
  • Product name:40% phoxim emulsion
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Highly effective, broad-spectrum and high killing effect
Control objects: maggots (chives maggots, leek maggots, garlic maggots, etc.), small cutworm, grubs, wireworm, mole cricket, cane turtle and other underground pests.
Product features: this product is featured by strong contact killing effect, stomach poison and fumigation, etc. Long-lasting protection layer can form quickly after it connects soil. It has wide insecticidal spectrum, can prevent and control underground and above-ground pests, kill pests and eggs with longer-lasting effect.
Product specification: 280g×20 bottles, 450g×20 bottles, 480g×20 bottles, 600g×12 bottles, 850g×9 bottles and 850g×12 bottles
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