5.7% Methionine microemulsion
  • Product name:5.7% Methionine microemulsion
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High content, low dose and significant effect
Applicable crops: cotton, fruit trees, corn, vegetables and paddy
Control objects: cotton bollworm, beet night moth, dipyrifos, rice leaf roller, fruit tree leaf roller, peach fruit mouth, cabbage caterpillar, armyworm, athetis lepigone, corn borer and bean-pod borer.
Product features: this biological insecticide is featured by broad spectrum, low toxicity, no residue, no public nuisance, high activity to insect pests and strong contact and stomach toxicity, and it is safe to crops, and does not harm flowers or fruits.
Product specification: 100g×50 bottles, 200g×40 bottles and 500g×20 bottles
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